What is Design for Wildlife?

Design thinking has proven to be an incredibly effective tool in both the private sector and for non profits, but hasn't been as widely adopted in wildlife conservation yet. As a designer and conservationist, I collaborate with people and organizations to design innovative solutions to protect wildlife.


I've worked for years to build innovative solutions to alleviate poverty and prevent humanitarian crises. I've developed radical new sex ed programs for teens in Zambia with IDEO.org, and helped found an innovation team inside The International Rescue Committee. I've worked on agricultural programs in India and health programs in South Africa. Through it all, I've seen the power of design to accelerate impact, and connect organizations to the people they serve in new and better ways. Now, after nearly a decade of working on humanitarian issues, I'm applying those same approaches to increase the impact of wildlife conservation efforts.

Whether you're looking to reach new funders or audiences, develop new programs to prevent human-wildlife conflict, or understand how a new technology can be applied to protect wildlife, design can help.