Design for Wildlife



Changing Human Behavior for Wildlife Conservation, by Design

My name is Mariana Prieto, and I am a designer for Wildlife Conservation. I use the principles of design thinking in order to bring radical new ideas to solve some of the world’s toughest conservation challenges that are rooted, or affected by, human behavior. Depending on the scope of the work, I can either work One on One with organizations or I can bring in a larger team, known as the Design for Wildlife Collective, to design new solutions for complex wildlife conservation challenges.

Below is a description of both sides of the work:

Hint: It’s probably not what you’re thinking

Design in this context is not about fashion. Its not about products. It’s not about making things look pretty. Design is a problem solving method that yields innovative, out of the box ideas, that people will love (and therefore use, pay for and/or engage with).

Designers are trained to understand what people want… even when they can’t tell you what they want. Henry Ford said that if he asked people what they wanted they would have said “a faster horse”. A designer’s job is to know how to read between the lines and find the Model T’s of the world that people can’t articulate themselves… because they doesn’t exist yet. 

One on One Support

One on one support is mostly fitting for conservation organizations that have current programs* that they would like help with. One on One work is most valuable when organizations needs help gaining community buy-in for new conservation programs and boosting the impact of their current programs / initiatives, among many others. In short, if you would like help improving an existing idea then this version would be right for you.

*programs must have a human element, as my expertise is based on building bridges to people.

Full challenge intensive

Taking on large and complex challenges require a larger team in order to bring more skillsets to the table and a greater bandwidth to be able to deliver powerful and large scale results. Our team is prepared to take on the world’s most complex conservation challenges that you are grappling with and find radical new approaches to solving them.

We work together with organizations to define the scope of the challenge to solve, the appropriate timeline, the amount of time and resource investment that our partners are willing to take and the best fundraising angles. We do provide fundraising support for taking on these major challenges.